Friday, July 25, 2014

Where Does Candidates' Money Come From?

Why are the people of the world enraged when they find out the leaders they supported and gave money to get them elected to office then turn out to be just nuts and lack the leadership or knowledge to deliver the promises they made to their constituents to get elected. Maybe if the people would just take notice of the signs like why would a person want to spend $1 to $2 million for a campaign to be elected to a job/office that pays a paltry $120,000 a year. Where does this money come from? What is their track record on wage slaves? Are they good or bad? Do they support unions, higher wages, healthcare, pensions—if they don’t then you shouldn’t support them. This is one case where you do get what is paid for. It is just the wrong people paying, and we wage slaves need to know who is paying the $1 million to $2 million, we know it is not us proletarians. We need to know who we are entrusting our government to before they get entrenched in office. We need to be like a good car mechanic who has the knowledge and experience to understand what part he needs to fix your car and not a person who just keeps changing parts until he gets lucky and finds the right part. We should not be electing people to gain leadership skills; we should be electing people for their proven leadership abilities. A leader also must be able to count the votes to make them work, otherwise nothing will get done. Some of the best leaders are coming from labor movement, such as the Militant newspaper, one of the best newspapers on workers’ rights. They just reported a victory of the Platinum miners in South Africa. Also, they reported the Armed Separatists are losing support in east Ukraine. It looks like Russia's Vlad Putin is losing ground to the leaders in Ukraine. Here in the USA, we have a few leaders emerging to join Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, such as Democratic senators Elizabeth Warren, Alan Grayson and possibly Cory Booker. I still have hope for President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to plug holes in our labor laws and push to pass card check. I also hope they support the increase of $15 to $18 an hour minimum wage and free education. Hopefully, Obama has learned he cannot work with any of the Republicans and should fulfill what is needed for the masses. There are some labor socialist leaders in Washington state who passed the $15 an hour minimum wage, so there is hope. The Turkish workers beat back the union busters with the signing of a collective bargaining agreement with George Fischer Hakan Plastik. Good win.