Friday, November 14, 2014

A Place for All: Countering the Information War

Unions must show what they can do for their membership at this time—not what they have done before. People have a short memory. You are always judged by your last win or loss and unions cannot at this time survive on past laurels. Should labor at the AFL open the ranks, sort of like the old Minneapolis Teamsters Local 74, like a worker assistance program where you ask the workers to pay a small amount each month to belong? In return they would receive information on which labor union needs workers or apprentices, provide news on labor rights, such as federal and state laws, maybe even an electronic labor newspaper and an Internet resource center for information. The non-union workers would have support in their working place protests such as people, law advice, and maybe even representation by an attorney. This would be a wage slaves’ club for all non-union workers who would like to make their lives better. In the old days, this type of organization even offered cheap life insurance or health insurance. Now days maybe even a Christmas savings plan. If all fast food, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and restaurant workers would join at the invitation of the AFL/CIO, this could be the turning point in labor for there would be a chance to educate workers about labor history and show them there is a chance for a better life, maybe starting with $15 to $18 an hour minimum wage with free education, healthcare and maybe even a pension. We lost the information wars to the GOP and that is why people vote against their own interests. If we, unions, become inclusive and provide positive and constructive ways for people to improve their lot in life, we would draw more people in and turn the tide against the greedy GOP. It would not hurt to ask the AFL/CIO or nay union for help, maybe even some labor councils could ask on their behalf. If this could come to fruition, then all who join should or could become organizers, which are what all wage slaves should b—union or non-union. A formation of the rank-and-file creates a democracy for all proletarians.