Tuesday, November 11, 2014

To the Streets

The right wing governments of the world are pushing the wage slaves from the ballot box to the streets because the oligarchies have bought the ballot box. This forces the toilers to go to the streets to protest the wrongs of the right wing governments, like in Belgium, Brussels, where 100,000 workers had to take to the streets to demonstrate against planned reforms against public transport, schools, post office and other services. The government wants to cut staffing, services along with companies across the country. This is worldwide and here in the USA workers will be even more under assault by the right wing GOP for they now control 27 states, which will finish devastating the unions, and the oligarchies own the ballot boxes here also and the courts. So all that is left is the streets, which will probably be closed soon by Sedition Laws being passed by cities, counties and states, such as what was done in Ferguson, Missouri, where protestors were not able to stop walking, standing was against the law. Also toilers must keep in mind that the governments have planned for the inevitable street war by implementing a “no fly zone” and supplying law enforcement with all they should need in the way of militarized weapons in guns, tanks, armored cars, body armor, and tear gas and probably things we don’t know about, like drones. It is all going back to the years of squalor for the 99 percent, the 1800-1900s. The toilers must get out the old playbooks of the IWW (International Workers of the World or Wobblies), Teamsters, Eugene Debs, Walter Reuther and his brother, and Samuel Gompers. We have now more tools to work with, such as history, new and faster communication, which is worldwide, and we have the numbers in people, which can stop the world capitalist system and take the power of money away from the right wing GOP. All toilers should read The Dream of Debs by Jack London, University of Michigan, University Library’s digital collections: http/www.lib,umich.edu.MLibrary or Google books. Yes, it is a dream about workers being treated with respect and earning a decent wage, starting with a $15 to $18 an hour minimum wage, but that dream is slowly becoming a reality for some, but it should be for all. It looks like we, worldwide, will be meeting in the streets. There is no way left to fulfill the dream of stopping the inequality of wages and lifestyle; but the Dream of the Bangladesh garment workers are coming true.