Monday, December 22, 2014

Another Attack to Be Aware

How the nonunion, Rand Paul supportering groups and the American Legislative Exchange Council, the Heritage Foundation and a newly former nonprofit, Protect My PayCheck, are working together to influence local governments at the city and county levels the same way it was done by state legislatures with Right to Work. Today in Kentucky, Fulton, Simpson and Warren counties, have voted to implement the Right to Work laws. This could be the way California workers could be beaten and see our unions destroyed. Supporters of the these worker-harmful laws say, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, are next and that Protect My PayCheck is promising to pay for the legal battles of any local government that tries to implement this legislation. There are numerous counties in California that have bought into the "State of Jefferson" mentality thinking they could control their own local governments, but this short-sighted vision doesn't take into account how to fund their independence and what cheating the workers of a good wage does to the financial health of a government. This is where unions should attack with working to increase the minimum wage at the county and city levels to put the low wage slaves on our side. If not, we will be caught in the middle and the unions will lose. This is a war between the rich and the poor. We need to be proactive and not be trying to fight a defensive battle.