Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Koch's New Party, i360, is Coming After You

Wage slaves need to understand that they will never be invited to the oligarchies’ country clubs unless it as lawn maintenance or to serve them food and wash their dishes while being paid minimum wage. So why is it that some union workers, who have pensions, steady-good-paying jobs and healthcare, they lean toward GOP candidates or Blue Dog Democrats? It never works out for them to vote for these types of candidates, just look at the postal workers. Some of these American Postal Workers Union employees voted GOP and donated money to Congressman Darrel Issa, who returned the favor by doing everything he can to shut down the postal service and privatize it—all to bust the union. Remember the air traffic controllers? They were once unionized and supported Ronald Reagan for president and we all know how that turned out. What proletarians have to remember is that the GOP and Blue Dogs Democrats are not our friends and never will be and they should never be trusted. This is a class war that is being fought between the 1 percent, who want more power and money to buy and control the world and make the rest of us their slaves. Think I’m exaggerating? The Koch brothers have spent millions on the Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Partners and now a new “shadow party,” called i360. This new party combines all data obtained from credit agencies, political affiliations, voter registrations and frequency, activism, social networking, purchasing habits, viewing habits, driving habits and then uses that information in its outreach groups for young and veteran and Latino across the U.S. Check out its website: http://www.i-360.com/ A few things still standing in the way are unions, education, social networking and people. Unions and education are in decline, and if the GOP busts the postal union, which is one of the largest, it will encourage more union busting just like when Reagan fired the striking air traffic controllers for wanting a better life and wage. After these losses they will probably turn their attention to the Long Shoremen and dock workers, which is one of the most important unions we have because the impact the workers can level on the economy. This is a war between 1 percent and the 99 percent and there is no compromising. We need to end wage and living inequality. There is “them” and there is “us” and no in between. Remember what the National Guard and law enforcement are for and it’s not to protect us. They now protect the property of the oligarchies and their factories. This should be a warning to all unions to educate their workers about what happens when they vote the wrong way and how their vote can either help or destroy their families’ standard of living. All they have to do is just look at the 200,000 postal workers who have already lost their jobs and more losses to come next year. This is not the other person’s fight anymore. This is yours and mine and the war is being fought in the streets today for $15 an hour minimum wage, union and better healthcare. Remember, “the working class and the employing [class] have nothing in common,” the opening statement from the preamble of the International Workers of the World, June 27, 1905 – can you believe we have to fight this fight yet again?