Saturday, January 17, 2015

Governments and Idiots

Working people should look very long and hard when there is talk of splitting a state or country or when they are thinking of a coup or changing a country’s leaders. First, follow the money to find why and who is it—a corporation behind it. Is another country behind it? Is it an old or new political party behind it? Then what are the benefits to the wage slave? Will it be a better life, more food, better healthcare, job safety, voting rights, better education, more job selections, and if none or all of these are not on the plus side then we might start asking questions before supporting a candidate, political party or ballot measures. The workers might end up in a religious controlled country or state with an unbearable life or in a civil war like Syria or Iraq or Libya or some other country like Somalia. Even here in the U.S. there is a faction that wants to split California into two states, one of which would be called the State of Jefferson. There is a symbol they use, XX, which actually stands for double cross by the state capital. The supporters of this split want to condemn socialism and at a rally of about 100 supporters, the leader asked the small crowd gathered, “Can we get it done without the intervention of God?” And those gathered answered, “No, let’s pray.” So will Jefferson be a Taliban state with only god bestowed rights? These are people who want control o f our lives and will use god, money and police if given the chance. So always think why before you support something. Remember, according to Niccolo Machiavelli, who wrote the “Art of War” and “the Prince,” said all governments are either republics or principalities, and that there are six types of government, of which three are good in themselves, although they are so easily corrupted that they too can become pernicious and create three other, less desirable types of government. These types of governments are principality, aristocracy and democracy. Those who organize a county or city must turn to one of these types, but a principality can easily turn into a tyranny, a aristocracy can become an oligarchy with ease, and a democracy can turn into anarchy with no difficulty. So for a government to last, it would probably be a hybrid of the three good types. Examples of the three hybrids could be found in the longest lasting governments in history, which were Ethiopia for 2,916 years, Van Lang for 2,621 years, Japan for 2,673 years, and Gojoseon for 2,225 years before they collapsed. The reason given for the success of these countries’ rule were that they did as Machiavelli had proposed by shifting their government styles as the times of the country dictated. Now consider this, World War II destroyed five of the longest lasting government styles as they had been ruled: France’s lasted 1,429 years, Denmark for 1,230 years, Norway for 1,068 years, Austria for 782 years, and even Ethiopia’s which was 2,916 years. Who would have the support of the three good ones? Who would have the support of the people, and should be decided before the change happens or there will be civil war and chaos just like in the Middle East. Will we humans ever learn?