Friday, January 9, 2015

Line in Sand Now a Canyon

About 30 years ago there was a line drawn in the sand between the Haves and Have Nots, and with the years the line got deeper until it was a ditch, but then in the last 10 years the line became a canyon with very little way for the Have Nots to get across. There seems to be some sand being put into the canyon, such as the President trying to get free education to the junior college level for everyone; there are some new labor laws from the National Labor Relations Board, which will help unionized workers; there is the Affordable Care Act; and the progress in fight for $15 an hour wage. We, the workers, must start filling the canyon in until there is no longer ever a line in the sand. If we don’t there will be millions of proletarians trapped in the bottom of the canyon, which could be the equivalent of a modern-day hell. We have more areas like the inner cities of the old rust belt in this country and the poor in rural country sides. Then there are the wars raging and the Lone Wolf terrorists’ people. Where do they come from? Most are from the bottom, which makes for fruitful recruiting grounds for extremists. The terrorists recruit in person, by the media and by Internet networks on the ideology of impressionable people. Hell, it is where our own military recruiters go first to fill their quotas. So worldwide, we must fill in the canyon or at least bridge it with jobs, education and a living wage. If not, the canyon gets deeper and the Have Nots will fill it and spill out with an ideology that will not be good for our USA or the world. Hell, it might be already too late and will be if we treat this problem like we have climate change. So what progress is being made? We must keep expanding the living wage to $15 to $18, provide universal healthcare, pensions, free education to the bachelor level, and keep gas prices dropping so the spenders can spend and jobs will be increased. I think with these things in place, we could see up to a 3 to 3.5 percent in unemployment, which would drive up wages and explode the economy with housing and manufacturing, which results in more taxes to provide government infrastructure spending, such as roads, bridge repairs or replacement, water line improvements, and Bullet trains.