Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Is Water a Human Right?

How the rent payment for the Commons could save the world and stop climate change is if everyone has a vested interest in our national resources, like clean air, clean water, all minerals, good healthy food, and our entire infrastructure, such as all public buildings, roads, bridges, courts, the system of laws, space travel, and many more things paid for by the wage slaves of the U.S. and the world over. Once people have a vested interest in their Commons, people will need and want to protect their investments for themselves and for generations to come. If the public does not take care and manage the Commons well the money for rent will dry up. If the toilers of the world understand this and that the corporations left unchecked will plunder our resources with no regret, as an example the former president of Nestles’ corporation said water is not a basic human right. Imagine the callousness of someone who would say such a thing. If we people have a monetary stake in the Commons, they will not let this happen. It’s just like when you rent a house, there are penalties if you damage or misuse that house and the landlord evicts you. This must be done to solve wage inequality and save the world from plunderers. This would also put people to work for more money spent there will be a need for more services and products, which means more jobs. The payment for the Commons would be very good for the people have huge educational loans, which can top $100,000 or more even before they even get a job. If they are be lucky they’ll get a job but most jobs out there provide wages that have been decimated and the graduate ends up deep in debt. The graduate becomes a true wage slave even before they begin to work, and marriage, children, owning a home and fancy car becomes impossible. This debt means there will be no money spent by the graduates and they won’t be able to help spur the economy. People want more out of life than making even money to make their student loan payments. There has to be some relief. At this time there is not or ever will be enough good paying jobs to go around to rebuild our middle class unless we get paid for non-labor like rent for our Commons.