Thursday, March 19, 2015

We Need More Fighters Like Kshama Sawant

Why can’t the Democrats have a Tea Party-like movement like the GOP—this movement would be the proletariats and wage slaves and normal, intelligent people who will fight for higher wages, fight against inequality of the lower 47 percent. Yes, it would be nice if there was a strong labor party and maybe there will or could be one day, but in the meantime why not use the tools that are there, which is the brand name Democrats/progressive and the brand name is about all you would get for you would not get much money from corporations or even the Democratic Party. So it would be funded by the wage slaves and some smart forward thinking unions or maybe even new unions. Yes, it would be much easier to just go with a socialist party, but to do that and win there would have to be a lot of education on what socialism actually is and what it isn’t—communism. At this time I think there could be a parallel program, which would support each other and benefit the Democratic Party and the 47 percent. The economy is at a standstill up at 5.5 it is right there, but to help finish the job we need to move wages up to at least $15 an hour and it really should be at $24 an hour had it kept up with inflation. It can be done. Just look at Washington State, specifically Seattle and the “Most Dangerous Woman” Kshama Sawant, according to Chris Hedges. She is a socialist and is winning the hearts of the 47 percent, but now she has the Democratic Party, the Chamber of Commerce, and all corporate money is against her. These elections will be the test to see if the masses can overcome money. This will be a nationwide fight with money and support to defeat her. To counter, we, the 47 percent, must also make this a national fight and enlist the help of the AFL/CIO to side with Sawant and the workers or it will be a sellout to the anti-worker GOP and corporations. If you want to keep up or join this fight, check out the Militant newspaper published 47 weeks a year. Its phone number is 212-244-4899, e-mail address: This wage and inequality fight could be one of the most important fights ever for the toilers, and, as you may remember, the fight started with Occupy Wall Street, which got the $15 an hour fight started. This could start a lbor party or a hybrid Democratic socialist labor party. The toilers must respond to the anti-worker movement’s right to work laws that are decimating the unions of membership and funds. We are at the tipping point where we either defend or attack. Remember the best defense is a good offense.