Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fight of our Lives

The inequality of wage slaves around the world should know that this blog has been read by people from 90 different countries. You are not alone in your struggles, our brother and sisters are fighting in their countries right now, like the coal miners in the region of Baluchistan, Pakistan; adjunct instructors in U.S. colleges; workers in Ireland, railroad workers in Canada; railroad workers in the U.S.; Ukraine workers trying to defend their jobs and wages; Kurdish women fighters fighting for a better life, for example young women Cicek Derek, 17 years, and Torin Khairegi, 20 years, gave their lives for this fight; garment workers are still fighting in Bangladesh; and workers in the UK still fighting for their rights. The dream of the old International Workers of the World is becoming real and if the dots are ever connected together, the workers of the world will be victors. The corporations of the world are making it easier by moving from one country to another which is bringing workers together in an ideology of their rights and are being educated on their rights as a human being on this earth regardless of where they live. All workers should have and deserve civil rights and have a right to the world’s Commons. If the people in this world were compensated for the Commons of our world, think of all the suffering that would be eliminated. No one should have to suffer because of a very few greedy-war-mongering people. It is time wage slaves stand together and take what is rightfully owed them. We have billions of humans on this earth with maybe 200 top leaders, which most are good that leaves just a few who are not yet. We have all this chaos and killing of the proletarians and we have to ask, “Why do the masses allow this to happen?” Is it greedy corporations? Is it religion? Is it a lack of education or just apathy—the old head in the sand syndrome? There are a lot more good people in this world than there are bad, so shouldn’t the good people be winning? What is happening and join your fellow wage slaves to make things better for the masses will win just by our sheer numbers.