Saturday, October 3, 2015

John Maynard Keynes' Prediction

All wage slaves should check out the prediction made by John Maynard Keynes in 1928. He predicted that by the year 2028 technology would replace all work and no one would need to worry about making money. We still are not there, but there is only 13 years to go and technology at this time is proving Keynes right about technology replacing workers of all medial and even higher knowledge workers, which is why college degrees no longer demand higher wages. Their wages have remained flat during the last years. At this time most new jobs are low paying. We are now in a model of mass production by many for mass consumption by many. But this model of unlimited production by a handful for consumption by the few able to afford it will kill the capitalist system and is the reason that the ratio of employees to customers is already dropping to mind-boggling lows. Low paying personal service sector of the economy will just not support the system we are used to. There has to be an infusion of cash into the pockets of the spenders and it won’t come from jobs for there will be very few. The money will have to come from the billionaires in taxes or payments from the use of our Commons or a share of the profits from all patents. This would be a condition for receiving protection of their patents. Some say 20 percent of all such profits were split equally among all citizens starting the month they turn 18 there would be a basic minimum income for all. To ensure a minimally decent standard of living including money to buy the technologies that would be free then form work and create the society that John Maynard Keynes predicted would come in 2028, an abundance of technological in which no one would need unless they wanted to work. There are lots of options for a jobless capitalist system and plenty of volunteer work that can be done to better our society. There is volunteer work for the old to the young, firefighting, auxiliary police, environmental, trails, hospital aides, schools—all of these things and more could be enhanced at very little cost. So we need to start thinking about no paying jobs for 2028 is right around the corner.