Thursday, October 29, 2015

U.S. Silver Shirts Were Like Brownshirts

Clashes between capitalists and labor here in the U.S. and worldwide and intensification of the class struggle will cause the ruling class to parliamentary start turning away from democracy and go to fascism to hold onto power to protect the very rich. Then there is the fight for leadership of the movement needed for the final assault on the working class. Just look at the anti-labor people who are wanting to be the president of the United States in 2016. They are bought and paid for and the money people who are backing them are the leaders of a terrorist movement to destroy union and labor here and worldwide. There are the Koch brothers, the National Chamber of Commerce, and the local chambers and the Manufacturers Association, and as the wage slaves gain ground in their fight for $15 and the right to join a union. The capitalist fascists will stop at nothing to break the movement of the workers and our future workers. In fact, during 1937-1938, they used vigilantes, Jersey City used hoodlum assaults on union meetings. Then there were the pro-fascists groups like the Silver Shirts of America, just like the Brownshirts of Hitler’s era of the 1930s, and the Ku Klux Klan, who used white sheets to hide behind; but the Silver Shirts who were put together in 1932 by William Dudley Pelley, who opened a headquarters in Ashville, North Carolina, who wanted to mirror Hitler’s Brownshirts. According to Wikipedia: “By 1934, the Silver Shirts had about 15,000 members.[3] Circa 1935 with Nazi German funding, the Silver Shirts had begun construction of the Murphy Ranch, situated on a secluded 55 acre site in the Los Angeles hills, which was meant to serve as a fortified world headquarters after the expected Fascist global conquest.[4] Silver Shirt leader Pelley ran for President of the United States in the 1936 election on a third-party ticket. Pelley hoped to seize power in a "silver revolution" and set himself up as dictator of the United States; the presidency remained in the hands of incumbent Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt. By around 1938, the Silver Legion's membership was down to about 5,000.[3] The Silver Shirts were storm troopers who drilled openly and they were mobilized to launch terror campaigns directed at the most vulnerable targets, but aimed basically at organized labor. Their sole purpose was to attack unions, individuals who supported unions, attack union halls and any union gathering. At that time there was no one to lookout for unions or the working people. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the city and county law enforcement and the National Guard all looked the other way or just supported the anti-worker money people. But, the unions started their own guards and they drilled and organized into a union army. Labor still has to fight hired guns, lawyers and law enforcement—nothing has changed since the 1930. So labor must elect the right people worldwide in 2016. Some countries have already elected the right people, the UK, Canada and a few other countries; but here in the U.S., we are in a fight to the death for labor rights. Vote for the right candidates in 2016 or labor dies. In fact, there will not even be a minimum wage.