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Patriotic Millionaires Get It

It’s the young people of the world who will save us from the corporate world of the money people. Just look at the historic election of Burma. Then look at the young people of the U.S. who are backing Bernie Sanders for president, which will start a revolution. The young have figured out how to organize for power, how to get it, and to use it to end economic inequality and to believe that a broadly engaged electorate in which power is reactively equally distributed. The people with the power and money find themselves in a dilemma: we want them to share their money with people who have less money or power but they don’t want to despite knowing it would benefit the common good. This is where the ideology part ways, but the young wage slaves who have all but lost hope have now found some leaders in our world who understand their needs. Bernie Sanders’ efforts to build a broad national coalition can reverse our march toward increasing inequality and concentration of power among the elites. It may be that a political revolution of the Have Littles is the only way they’ll win. Just look at how far the fight for $15 has come. The Have Littles have had enough and are not going to take it anymore, and this is worldwide. The 1 percent better pick the right side in this fight. Most of the Have Nots are just asking and negotiating for change, but there are some in this world who are just taking what they want and spilling blood in the process. We do not want to add to their ranks. The Daesh, a name used by the enemies of the Islamic State or ISIS, recruit from the Have Nots to continue its reign of terror. The world leaders must show there is hope for all to have a better life for themselves and their family. The pot is just a half of an inch away from boiling over. One glimmer of hope can be found among the elites who have figured out that if we continue down this road, our country and economy will fail. The Patriotic Millionaires are getting the word out that the status quo has to change for our survival. On its website,, it states: “The Patriotic Millionaires are a group of more than 200 Americans with annual incomes over $1 million and/or assets of more than $5 million who believe that the country’s current level of economic inequality is both dangerous and immoral. They recognize that while there are many causes of inequality, the current level of economic disparity is largely the result of a multi-decade effort by wealthy elites to enact legislation designed to enhance their personal wealth and their political power. This is done with little or no regard for the negative consequences such policies have on the vast majority of Americans. “The Patriotic Millionaires are dedicated to reversing these policies and to ensuring that the legislative capture that led to their adoption comes to an end. To realize that goal, the Patriotic Millionaires focus on a set of issues that best illustrate the difference between legislation that serves the interests of the majority of citizens and that which enriches the few. “These issues are taxes, wages and the democratic process. Members expressly support legislation that directly yields: A fairer tax system that includes greater tax obligations for millionaires and major corporations who have benefitted the most from the nation’s resources; higher incomes, beginning with a minimum wage of at least $15 an hour, for wage earners, who are the foundation of our nation’s economy; and less political influence for those whose sole credential is the ability to pay for it.” In an article on its website, Justin Strekal, deputy director of communications, quoted in his article, “Millionaires Reject Ludicrous Comments on Minimum Wage by Trump, Carson, and Rubio”, Patriotic Millionaire and founder of The Men’s Warehouse and tailor George Zimmer said, “To reject any increase in the minimum wage is tantamount to admitting that you both disdain facts and evidence-based solutions and that you are suffering from an almost pathological lack of compassion.” And, "The Republican candidates in the recent debate simply have a remarkably naive understanding of what has happened to our middle and lower class since Reagan. Increasingly, the rewards are going to the most wealthy, while middle class and lower wages remain stagnant. They all promise to miraculously solve the problem simply with increased economic growth. The rewards of the technological revolution are going to capital and top executives, not to workers. This is a role for government, to assure that our workers are fairly treated. Do we really believe that any of these candidates want their children working for less than $15 per hour?" said Patriotic Millionaire and Vice Chairman of the Pacific Vision Foundation Dale Walker. These millionaires should give us, wage slaves, hope and encouragement to continue our fight.

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