Friday, November 20, 2015

To Save The World & Ourselves

To save the world from itself there needs to be less greed, which would lessen wage and life inequality. Less greed would curtail climate change, which would save our farming land and farmers of the world. As the rains leave a region, the people leave the land and travel to cities and other countries looking for relief. This is what happened to a lot of the Syrian people. Then we need to expose and understand the ideology of radical religion and how it controls the masses and who benefits from it and why it works. When refugees have moved to another country, many times those refugees are segregated to a specific area and not given opportunities to assimilate by being hired for jobs or other ways to better their lives. The young people become discouraged and are more susceptible to the allure of fanatical groups, like Daesh, to feel like their lives matter. Unfortunately, these groups use these young idealists as fodder for their machine. Their lives are not valued by these groups any more than the countries they left. The masses must understand the capitalist system and what drives it, which is spending, at 67 to 70 percent, and is driven by greed. The corporate greed is also the result of the decline of unions, which has driven down wages, pensions, and the training of apprenticeship workers, which has dumbed down the trades. All of these things are coming together, which is exasperating the demise of our world and countries as we have known them. For example, large corporate construction companies hired undocumented workers to build their housing developments, bypassing the skilled union workers. Today, those undocumented workers are returning to their home countries and leaving a gap in qualified workers to build the corporate housing developments. The only way out of most of this current situation will be people-driven. Will we elect educated leaders who will have the support of the proletarians in getting changes and laws that will correct the path our world is currently on. We, in the U.S., need a minimum wage of $15 to $18 an hour, single payer healthcare, an end to our endless wars and getting our greedy corporations out of countries where they exploit their people and raping and pillaging those countries’ resources while leaving nothing but the cleanup. These corporations hoard the money in tax havens and spend it here in the U.S., leaving the countries they’ve plundered to figure out how to care for their people on their own. Our country would not tolerate other countries’ corporations coming into our country and running amok so why should we get upset when the people of other countries’ rebel against U.S. corporations ruining their counties and stealing their resources? Consider the U.S. and Canadian companies meeting resistance from the people in El Salvador, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, as the companies try to ravage their country sides for its resources, such as gold.