Sunday, July 10, 2011

Democracy or Plutocracy?

Plutocracy is a form of government that is ruled by the very rich and the corporations. Those with money have the power. They can finance the election of politicians they want in office and the president they want, who in turn can appoint the judges from the federal level all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Once the rich and corporations get this in place, then we have a plutocracy. How close are we, the United States, now?

Once plutocracy is in place, how can we change this back to a true democracy? When the tea party followers say they want to take their government back, just who do they want to take the country back from? For the courts and the GOP are running our government as a plutocracy and our democracy government is becoming less and less.

The state governments are being bought and paid for by the Koch brothers, Carl Rove’s group and the chamber of commerce’s money from China and who knows what other countries. All of these entities buy our elections. Other local money that finance the plutocracy movement comes from Wells Fargo, Exxon Mobile, Home Depot, tobacco, Atria, Chevron, Blue Cross, Blue Shields, and Rupert Murdoch, (these are the major donors) with this much corporation money in our election process I would say we are damn close to what the dictionary describes as a plutocracy.

And, I would ask the tea party followers, who do we take our government back from? It’s not the Democratic party that has control of our country, but the GOP. When the Democrats get any sense of control they tend to knuckle under to the dirty tricks of the GOP party.