Sunday, July 17, 2011

GOP Contract on America

We must be on guard against the GOP and corporate backers of the plutocracy way of government. Plutocracy is the governing by the ultra rich and corporations. For they have a very effective strategy for how to divide and conquer, as defined in the book “Art of War.”

One way they are accomplishing this is to put Obama and the Democrats in a position where they will have to do something that will anger our base. Another way, for whatever reason, is to attack unions and the working class by going after our rights. Case in point, is when California Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, veto the card check (Employment Free Choice Act) for the farm workers.

The Democratic party at the local, state and federal levels have not done one thing for the unions or the working class for a long time. In order for unions or workers to hit the street in support of the Democratic party and donate money we will need to have something to show that the Democrats are supporting us. Without our support the repercussions will play into the GOP game plan. This has to be settled before the election. Not by promises, but by actions on the part of the Democratic politicians.

If this isn’t settled before the election, we will lose a lot more than seats in Washington, D.C. We stand to lose: unemployment; social security; childcare; Medicare; medicaid; eight hour work day; child labor laws; maternity leave; overtime compensation; right to a union representation; and much more. They will not be happy until the GOP gets rid of the worker, drug, water, clean air and food safety laws and Wall Street regulations, to name a few

If these things are accomplished, they will not only have destroyed our country, but the GOP will have established a true plutocracy. We must remember, the GOP are true adversaries and have a “take no prisoners” attitude, and we must not underestimate them for to do so is at our peril.