Saturday, July 2, 2011


We, workers and average citizens, receive no respect from corporations. Lack of respect leads to low morale, desperation and fear. When we are in a class war, as we are now, we receive no respect and corporations bully employees. When employees complain about losing workers’ rights, health care, pensions and jobs eliminated when workers attempt unionizing; however, nothing is done because the corporations don’t care about their workers. Corporations have unlimited funding and court power, the workers are at the corporations’ mercy.

No matter how many people we put in the streets, we’ll still get no respect. It will just cost our treasury and wear out our people. In European countries, such as England and France, they, the workers, can just shut down the countries and the workers receive respect. We, in the U.S., would find this hard to do because our country is so large and spread out.

There is a way to get respect, a little at a time, such as shutting down the transportation of a town for one hour in the morning making commuters late, thereby costing corporations and cities money – the only thing they understand at this point. We must show we, the people, have power. If one hour doesn’t work, then time it just right and make it two hours at different places.

The workers can get respect themselves and use the lawyers to get or keep us out of jail. I know that street protests and standing on the sidewalks carrying a sign is not going to work. Fifteen years ago it looked and felt good, but this type of protest doesn’t accomplish anything. Some people driving by would flip off the protesters and yell at them to get a job, but the drivers did not understand that our efforts in the streets or on sidewalks would eventually benefit them as well. Now we have to make the protests payoff for us, the workers, and punish the opposition for what they’re trying to do to us.

Since we’ve been driven into a corner like cowering dogs, we need to regain our respect to put the fear into the opposition/corporations to show we will fight back. Some of the tactics we can use include blocking the seaports, subways, busses, and communications, such as jamming the telephone lines of corporations that are against the workers. Cars that conveniently run out of gas at the right spot that blocks access to shopping centers, such Target or Wal*Mart. It would not take long to get our message across that we deserve and demand respect. When the workers are desperate enough they will do whatever they can to survive.

We need to understand that Wisconsin is now in California. We, in Redding, just fought off a Charter City challenge and other cities in California are going after working families led by the Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC), some of the cities ABC is backing in going after the workers are Redding, San Jose and Costa Mesa, and I’m sure there are more.