Sunday, October 2, 2011

Making Our Own Jobs

We can create new jobs and new manufacturing right here in the USA. We could create jobs just like China did and I mean lots of jobs, and at the same time help enlarge and support the businesses that are still here. Remember when Wal*Mart went from all American made to telling their vendors that if they wanted to continue to do business with them the companies would have to send their manufacturing businesses or shops overseas - mostly to China and other countries U.S. corporations take advantage of. The Chinese government, among other countries, has a buy China products only policy; but we don’t and we continue to be subjugated -- at the mercy of others.

So why can we not encourage these businesses into bringing these shops back to the USA. All Wal*Mart would have to say is if you want to sell to us your product in their stores the manufacturer’s product would need to be made or - at least for the time being - assembled in the USA. If we could persuade Wal*Mart, Home Depot, Target or Trader Joe’s and the other big box stores to do this, there would be all the jobs we need to restart our middle class again.

How do we do this? Well, first by telling the box stores what we need and we, the customers, will list the products with a one star or two star system. Two stars means the entire product is made in the UAS; one star mean assembled in the U.S.

Another tactic could use is when we shop we load our shopping carts full with items and when we get to the check out stand, we just take out the items one at a time. The one or two star items will be purchased, while the rest will be left in the cart, with an explanation as to why you’ve changed your mind about purchasing the products. This will send the message that we, the purchasing public, do have a choice and aren’t afraid to do without. This tactic of leaving products imported from another country behind will create more work for the store’s employees, and maybe they will hire more people to restock the items.

With the right organization this could work, especially with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. If the stores knew of this threat, I think they would be more inclined to provide products made or assembled in the U.S. Businesses must have a good season this year due to the continuing poor economy and they might not want to take a chance on a boycott of foreign-made products.