Monday, October 31, 2011

What Happened at Home?

While our service men and women were serving overseas for the past 10 years, some losing their lives, and some enduring terrible injuries with lots of emotional injuries, as well. There is no doubt that they have given all they had. While our service members were doing their best we at home let the oligarchies (form of government where a small group of rich people have all the power), big corporations and Wall Street have just about ruined our country.

When our service people return home what will we have to offer them? There are no jobs, the economy is in ruins and the Republicans party has vowed to block President Obama on all his efforts to improve our situations in the hopes of making him a one-term president.

Our veterans gave all and we, the citizens, went to sleep and let the GOP lobbyists and the oligarchies buy state governments, which promptly began taking away workers’ rights, voters’ rights and even women’s rights. I don’t think this is what our military personnel were fighting for, and I think when they get home they will want someone to pay for what has been done to their country in just 10 years.

Veterans may join the 99%ers for they have the right to be mad as hell and I don’t think they will be very patient with our political system or government. Our government better wake up, these are harden veterans and they know how to fight for what they know is right. Just look at how some Marines have gathered around the different Occupy sites in the country and now the injuries Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen sustained in Oakland by a propelled tear gas canister.

This is class warfare and the military is here to help.