Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Time for Unions to Reboot

With our labor force mostly out of work in the construction industry, we should not let our members unity just melt away for if we stay together we are still a force to be reckoned with. Construction will eventually rebound so we must be trained and educated when the times come. The things we can do to with our out-of-work members is to have them help out Wall Street protesters. If nothing else they can just stay stand with them for we must stay in touch with what is going on in the world of workers as we all are 99%ers.

We should also be planning our strategy, such as organizing new members, because one new large group is going to be our returning veterans, who are coming home with no prospects of employment. We, the unions, should be the people who will meet and support them. Our veterans are going to need us, as a whole, to be there for them for the sacrifices they have made and endured. The least we can do is give them genuine support and not a magnet yellow ribbon.

We, the unions, and the 99%ers will need all the help we can get to make the changes that we need and are entitled to as U.S. citizens. I hope the unions start having information booths at the junior colleges, hold meetings about workers’ rights, the right to unionize and about how to go about unionizing.

We have a very large group of unemployed and underemployed people, around 25 million people, to bring together and educate on how to bring jobs and good pay back to this country. We must be educated, at least in the basics, in our financial laws, Wall Street stocks, bonds, derivatives, and banks. If we don’t have an understanding of this we will be taken advantage of or just have smoke blown up our butts.

There are no legitimate reasons why we cannot educate our people about how they, the “1%ers,” are rubbing our faces in their waste. Classes can be held in junior college or at Occupy Redding events for free. If we don’t volunteer our time and talents, we can’t move forward and in these times of stress and uncertainty, people will grasp upon ideas or ideologies that will hurt us as a whole and the success of our mission.