Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Health Care & Unions

Health Care for 30 million is a Big F*&%ing Deal and will now bring more patients to the health clinics, which will mean more jobs for all medical providers, such as nurses, nurse practitioners, and doctors. Emergency rooms in hospitals will now really be emergency rooms, not waiting rooms for everything except emergencies. The want-to-be entrepreneur can now take the chance to start a business and not worry about health insurance for themselves and their employees. Some will be successful in their business and then create more jobs and hire more people. International corporations will now be more competitive with countries that have government health care for their workers, and the health care cost won’t be found in the cost of their product. This will eliminate at least one reason jobs are sent overseas. For unions this will be better. As for union organizers, and I speak from experience as a union organizer, that when I would sign up a member or a shop the workers did not understand that it took a long time for them to be covered with health care for things like pre-existing conditions and other factors, which in some cases the wait was so long the shop would go back to non-union. With health care there will be time and all will be covered. The unions can concentrate on wages, pensions and working conditions. The pensions follow you anywhere in the U.S., which in these days is very beneficial. For people in a dead-end job can now go back to school to better themselves and at least have insurance, and then maybe they could get by on a minimum wage while going to school. No matter how you look at the health care bill, Affordable Care Act, it is all good for the wage slaves. If people cannot see this they have their heads stuck in a very dark place. This is a win for the proletarian and a loss for the oligarchies. Take the Koch brothers, our President out foxed them once again and is still one step ahead of them and all that dark money they have so they should start thinking about which rightwing nut jobs will be moving out of the country. The Koch brothers have enough money to start their own country instead of trying to buy our USA. It would be cheaper and you, GOP people, to create a right wing Utopia where the citizens can fight amongst themselves over how to pay for the resources, roads, law enforcement, fire protection, health care, how the banks are run and so on. The GOP eats its’ own and now it looks like a certain Chief Justice is on the menu.