Sunday, July 22, 2012

Why Oligarchies aren’t Patriots

They ship their companies’ jobs off shore, which means they do not care for the working slave families in America, and they ship their money overseas to beat paying taxes. A recent study by the group Tax Justice Network estimates the amount of money in offshore tax havens to be between $21 and $32 trillion, this figure doesn’t include non-financial assets, such as real estate, gold, yachts and racehorses. Our taxes, that of the commoner, pays for and supports our Armed Forces, which protects the wealthy’s interests in other countries. The money they save by not paying their fair share in taxes, they use to buyoff state governors and federal politicians, which gives them more power and money. They can get rid of the health care laws, environmental regulations, unions, and pensions. You might ask why patriots would do this to their own country. The answer is they are not patriots. They have so much money that the USA is just a resting place to them, and a place to bleed the economy of as much money as they can. They can live wherever they can fly in their Lear jets or go by huge yachts and with their needs more than met, why would they care about creating jobs for the rest of us work class slobs? There is nothing we can do or so it would seem at this time. The oligarchies own most of the states and supreme court, also they are spending billions of dollars to buy the senate and the presidency so while they are busy with this work they don’t have time to create jobs and they have no intention of doing so. They are not patriots. They are the corporate welfare recipients, which we wage slaves support with our taxes; the same taxes that are then used against us and our best interests. What red-blooded patriot would not pay their fair share in taxes so taht this country can regain and rebuild what it has lost and once again be the best country in the world to live? The oligarchies will do what they want until the masses wake up, and there is only two ways for change: peaceable or the way of Syria in an armed revolt. Soon the oligarchies will run out of places to hide. They will be rich people without a country. Jack London wrote “The Iron Heel,” a story about what could happen if the tables are turned. It was fiction, but I can see this happening in the USA in these times. Maybe London saw the future when he wrote this piece.