Monday, August 27, 2012

Could the Oligarchies Buy a State as Large as a Country?

Could the oligarchies buy a state as large as a country? California is the next battle ground between the corporate oligarchies and the wage slave proletariat. The 1% oligarchies went into the heart of where the government unions started: Wisconsin and won. So what would be the 1% GOP’s Holy Grail now? I think it is California If they can take out California and break the unions and the Democratic Party; they will pretty much have control of all the wage slaves. They will start breaking down our society and our social infrastructure, such as our schools in which only the top 1% or 3% will be able to afford to educate their family members. Then the gap will widen to include healthcare, pensions and of course wages where the only jobs will be like in the old days. The armed forces (oh wait, it is there already) the old days and the sad thing is most of California workers and retired people have not thought of this or do not think it could happen here. It has already been tried with the election of Republican governors in California and we have been very lucky that they did not do what Governor Walker did in Wisconsin; of course Wisconsin Democrats did not have control of the senate or assembly to be able to block Walker’s destruction. But that could change with the Koch brothers and the rest of the billionaire oligarchy for they can buy the little government people. All we have to do it look at the other states and the crazy laws that have been passed and right now for this election there is an anti-worker bill, Prop 32, the so-called Paycheck Protection Act or as my union calls it the Paycheck Deception Act, on the ballot to take away union rights to pend union money to protect union workers. Not only are the enemy coming, they are here and we, the wage slaves and retired people, are not paying attention and this is what they want. People say they are working too much or hard to keep up on what’s going on in politics, but the cost of ignorance is far greater. Sure we have kept them at bay so far but we cannot keep teasing them by electing Republican governors for sooner or later will get one with the backing of the senate and assembly, and then we are screwed. Republicans are prone to lie without conscience and lie they will to get what they want. We must also watch out for Blue Dog Democrats for they can flip on us. A lot of them do not like labor and think of us as proletariats, who should not have more than just to exist. If we do ever lose our advantage in California it will be due to our own apathy and not paying attention so shame on us for letting down the people who handed us a very good way of life. Are we just going to play the fiddle while California burns? Or are we going to start planning for the assault, which any forward thinking person knows is coming. If we lose in November it will be sooner rather than later. Here are some states that did not think it could happen to them: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Nevada, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Montana, and many more. All of these states and more have anti-worker laws, and they are working on anti-voter laws now.