Sunday, August 5, 2012

Why Middle Class Wages are Important

Why do we need a middle class living wage? One of the simplest answers is to spend money to buy from the small businesses and large corporations. If we, wage slaves, have a little left over after our basic needs then we can save for shelter and maybe even some toys or go back to school or maybe even a vacation. All of this spending is what drives our economy. If we buy then a worker will have a job to make things for the wage slaves to buy and the more the wage slaves earn the more they will spend. Why does the GOP and the Chamber of Commerce fight minimum wage and unions who are trying to rebuild the working middle class? They should know by now that the working middle class and retired workers with good pension are the drivers of the economy of restaurants, entertainment, housing, auto industry, food stores, and most all large, nonunion low wage box stores. We had a very workable system until the oligarchy money people got greedier and started 40 years ago to destroy the unions and the collateral damage was the destruction of the middle class, which inadvertently ruined the economy of the U.S. and the rest of the world. Can the money people be that dumb or is there another agenda, like destroying everything down that supports our people, like Social Security, Medicare, pensions, public schools, public jails and prisons, even elected local governments, such as cities, counties, water districts, school boards, law enforcement, firefighters, and there are state governors taking over municipal governments firing the elected people and appointing their own people to run the cities. Soon the power of the people, their speech, freedom to assemble, to vote or to run for office will be gone or impossible to do because there will not be enough money for a honest wage slave to be able to run for office and not beholden to the oligarchies. Are we willing to live in a plutocracy type of government or do we even understand what it would be like to live under those conditions. Maybe the proletarian wage slaves should find out before voting this year. If you vote GOP this is what you will be living under – the heel of a plutocracy-type of government whose goals are to keep the wages down. History shows us that depressions most always happen when wages are low. In 1873, after the Civil War a depression occurred because of low wages; again in 1883 cutting living standards due to low wages; and today the GOP is cutting wages and reducing the living standards. They just never learn or is it on purpose. Either way, wages are the key no matter what side you are on.