Saturday, August 11, 2012

Go Federal, Then State

Wage slaves proletarian workers must have unbiased representation on the Supreme Court, if not everything worker related for the good of working families will be lost at the Supreme Court. The Court can even take away all the decisions, which favors the workers that are now in place, and even the rights, which favors the proletarians on social issues. So it is imperative that we re-elect Obama. He is our only hope and if he is not re-elected the working class wage slaves will be set back 80 to 90 years – all lost. We would have to start from scratch: no labor laws, no free speech, voters’ rights, no free assembly, and all our elected people bought by the Citizens United law. We must maintain the presidency in order to get a good U.S. Supreme Court. Now, the GOP has a very good game on two fronts, which splits our boots on the ground, and diminishes our money. They have a very well-funded attack on state-level governments, where it is easy to buy governors and state representatives, which can change labor laws and states’ rights against nonunion and union workers alike. Also, state social rights, such as health, abortion, free speech, right to assemble, and so on, and all of these laws work their way through the state court system and eventually to the Supreme Court. Even if we have a temporary setback in the state elections we could still hold the high ground with control of the U.S. Supreme Court, but we must ensure that President Obama is re-elected. Then we can start taking back our states one at a time. It will be the money oligarchies against retired and working-class families in each state. Once the proletarian wage slaves finally figure out what they have given away to the oligarchies, and their plutocracy-type government, they will fight. When the workers see their pensions, health care 8-hour work day, overtime, minimum wage, voters’ rights, free speech, right to assemble, and most all women’s rights taken away, I think they will fight, but just when are the unions and nonunion workers going to figure out what the corporations are doing to them? One way to help is to tell our union story, radio and TV ads, and letters to the editor, and on the streets. Why the workers have stood by and let the word “union” be vilified and done nothing about demeaning our union name, is a mystery to me. Why have all the professional workers, like doctors, lawyers, engineers, attorneys, Chamber of Commerce, Manufactures Association, etc., who have started or have had the same type of organized membership with the same protections, pay dues, work toward the betterment of their organization and share the same camaraderie as unions, but they have turned on the union workers instead of banding together with them in solidarity? Why do professionals have a problem with wage slaves having our unions having the same thing as professionals, but on a smaller scale? With our union wages and healthcare we can afford to see the doctors; with our union wages we can afford to hire an attorney or engineer when needed; with our union wages we can afford to purchase what the Manufacturers and Chamber of Commerce members are selling. Without our union wages, their wages will be lost, and their businesses will suffer. It’s like eating their seed corn. I think it’s simple, we do not and have not sold ourselves to the American public or pushed back when we have been attacked. We have a good product, but we must tell our workers about it and start standing up for all workers, union or not. Then we will grow and bring back the middle class, which will be as it once was: the backbone of the U.S. and the driver of our economy. With today’s announcement that ultra-conservative, right-wing Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate is the final solution to the GOP’s plans of destroying our democratic government and turning it into a plutocracy-type government. The Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson and others will be pouring their millions into ensuring the election of Mitt and Ryan. Money versus votes, it’s up to you.