Tuesday, October 9, 2012

35-hour Work Week

We need a 35-hour work week and get rid of the temporary jobs. These types of jobs exploit the work force by not paying good wages, health insurance or pensions. This means that the workers with good wages and benefits must subsidize the Walmart-type workers, and the large box stores get a free ride off the backs of taxpayers. The people who hire temp workers get the same free ride. If the government set the rules so unions could organize retail workers, which would put them on par with the union retail and food stores we would have a much better economy. The stores, which are union, have an unfair fight when trying to compete with stores like Walmart, and it is all on the workers’ backs to stop these unfair practices. We need all retail stores with a work force of 20 or more employees to be unionized and not be bale to take advantage of the 19-20 hour work week. One way to do this is to have all retail workers be in a retail union so if they have to work two or three jobs the time would all count toward a pension and healthcare and the benefits would be paid to the workers union or a state fund. This way people could move around and their funds would follow them like Social Security. The 35-hour work week would make room for many more jobs, which as a consumer society, would mean more money to buy goods. More money means more products would have to be made, which would mean more jobs resulting in the tax base growing and we end up with better roads, schools, more law enforcement, and firefighters. If we don’t make some big changes in our capitalist society as we know it today it will be lost, and there will be a hand full of self-serving oligarchies running the world and there will be revolts. The oligarchies will hire mercenaries like in the 1920s to fight the wage slaves and they will already have the federal, state and local governments at their call. We have seen this before, but we wage slaves can still stop the takeover and change things around, but time is running out. Think election in November 2012 is our last chance.