Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Labor Built It

Nothing gets built if not for labor so labor must be able to have a slice of the pie one way or the other. It would be nice if all large corporations, like Costco, which is non-union, would pay and treat their employees like they’re worth something. Safeway and most Raley’s supermarkets are unionized and treat their employees worthwhile. I hope there are more, but when you shop at these stores you know it is a good place to work. You can just feel it and tell by the employees and the employees can probably afford to buy the things they sell. This is how it should be. The carpenter should be able to buy the house he builds, the autoworker should be able to buy the car she builds, and the food worker should not go hungry. This is the way it should work out. A working person must think of themselves as a business, and the asset they have is their body so the worker must be healthy, educated, and have all the tools in which to make money. The worker will have to sale their lives and body 1-hour at a time. How much are you worth - $7.50 or $1,000 an hour? Remember you will make the choice if you need a union join one; if you need more education get some, but you only have one life and body so don’t sell yourself short to greedy people. Walmarts of the world count on you working in fear. Our world needs smart hardworking people to make this a better place and to save what we have. You might not get to be the 1%, but that don’t mean you can’t be happy and a good contributing citizens.