Monday, December 10, 2012

Fighting back

Walmart, fast food and now the New York car wash workers are demanding their worker rights and doing it by what is called a concerted effort, which is just two or more wage slaves demanding what they believe is owed to them, such as a living wage, safe working conditions, no distinction between race, age, sex orientation, religious beliefs and gender. This type of protest is enforced by the National Labor Relation Board and is supposed to keep the workers safe from retaliation from the money people. This is what the wage slaves should have done 20 years ago when the money people started shipping jobs out of the country to bust unions and when anti-union money people found that they could bluff the unions with threats of suing unions for their assets. A lot of unions started backing off radical organizing tactics and started walking a very thin line, which will never beat back the attack on labor. Now with this new labor movement they have no labor union or assets to protect. They just want their labor rights and a living wage so attorneys are of no use. All they have is local cops and there are unions which will give pro bono legal advice to the proletarian workers who are rising up. These workers have another advantage which is they do jobs that cannot be shipped overseas, and their wages are already on the bottom rung of the ladder. What the money people don’t seem to understand is that when people are put in a spot where there are no options left to survive they will fight the hardest to defend their families and their lives. Sun-tzu’s Art of War says you should never put your enemy in a position where there is no way to retreat or be able to have options and this is what the oligarchies have done to wage slaves, which was a big mistake and will bite them in the ass.