Friday, December 14, 2012

Why the Push for Right to Work States

Is manufacturing returning to the USA and is this why the oligarchies are buying state representation and governments to change union states to right-to-work for less states. Wage slaves make about 15 percent less than workers in union states where union workers are made to pay dues and union state workers work much safer. The large companies that went out of the country have figured out that after a few years their products get knocked off and it is extremely hard to update their products. Also fuel is an extra cost that was not as big a factor a few years ago and lastly, they have found that getting the product out faster is good for business. So if manufacturing comes back home where can they cut costs and what they see is it’s in labor costs so they are putting a full court press to change as many states to right to work for less as fast as they can, which will weaken unions’ power. This is why the oligarchies like the Koch brothers and American Legislative Exchange Council just bought the Michigan's Governor Synder and legislature. We should have seen this by watching the car industry and now General Electric corporation and some technology companies are now back home or are moving back already. I think this trend will go on for the next few years and we won’t see companies taking jobs overseas because other countries are enforcing better wages for their people. Labor needs to educate their members and nonmembers to vote for lawmakers who will protect the wage slaves and not people who will try to decimate the wage slaves and their livelihoods. We have got to overturn the anti-labor laws that have been put on the books in the last few years. Remember laws can be put on the books and laws can be taken off the books. This works for unions and anti-unions so we need people who will protect our wage slaves’ laws and not sell us out. So is labor ready for the insourcing boom and if not, why not? Why aren’t they planning for it because it is coming back and we need to be ready?