Monday, December 3, 2012

Unionizing the Retail

The oligarchies are on the run. We need to keep the pressure on all fronts and it looks like with the election win for the wage slaves that there is an awakening and some of the tactics are of the old revised IWW tactics, which is power of the people, such as the Black Friday Walmart wage slave walkout and a big surprise of the 50,000 fast food workers in New York City. This could not only be an awakening, but the tipping point for organizing wage slaves in all retail jobs for a worker should be able to buy what they sell or be able to buy food they sell to others. If you don’t make enough money then you must depend on food stamps. We worker wage slaves are subsidizing the money people we work for by the low wages that we accept for our labor. We sell our lives one hour at a time for not even substitute wages just to make the 1% richer and richer. I think the tide is about to change and we all 99% must put aside all native thinking and support each other for 99% will beat the 1%. Just do the math the 99% is on the winning side. Just look at the last election – big money 1% got their collective asses handed to them. What are the rest of our wage slaves waiting for? Remember if Walmart workers receive raises everyone will benefit like some in the fast food industry, and then more money will be in the hands of the 99%, which will mean more jobs to replace what the 99% use, eat, and buy. Everyone wins, which means the wage slaves are in charge of their own destiny. Yes, we can.