Tuesday, January 14, 2014

For Capitalism to Survive

If capitalism, as we know it today, is to survive the oligarchies will have to stop the war against the wage slaves. Without wage slaves there will be no capitalist system. The workers make the products, they buy the products, and use the products, which make the oligarchies rich. There are two dangers to capitalism; one is oversupply, the other is shortage of buyers, which can be remedied by higher wages for the workers or new customers from low-wage countries—and—this brings us back to wages and disposal income spent on products and other basic needs. The old International Workers of the World union workers were way ahead of the times when they sought to enlist workers from around the world as one, with no country borders, which meant that they would not fight in wars for they believed that all wage slaves were brothers and sisters. The oligarchies want to keep a way to split the work force, which makes it easier to control the wage slaves, but it is changing for now all workers can see what is happening in Bangladesh, India, China and the rest of the poor working countries in the world. Change is coming. With higher wages, better healthcare, good education and pensions when retiring. All of this will bring jobs and good jobs to all who want them, but it won’t happen unless we make the money people understand. On our part, we must educate our wage slaves on how to make the money people understand. Let’s start with $15 an hour wages for 2015, and elect people who will do things for the have nothings to the have littles—the 99 percent.