Monday, January 13, 2014

Support for a Higher Minimum Wage

California minimum wage is going to $10-$12 is just enough to move workers off of government assistance, such as food stamps, but still does not give the workers disposal income, which will boost the economy with more jobs and more taxes for local and state coffers. It would be a step in the right direction to stop the taxpayers subsidizing corporations that pay low wages to their workers. Millionaire Representative Ron Unz, of Silicon Valley California, wants to raise the California minimum wage to $12 an hour. Governor Brown wants to raise the state’s minimum wage to $10 an hour; Seattle, WA., mayor wants the minimum wage to be $15 and this is where it should be, $15 to $16 at this time. The increase is being slow walked, but it is going to happen. Whichever state does it first will be the winner. Their jobs and their economy will be a huge success for the state, and if California voters would do the $15 an hour minimum and the legalization of marijuana, California workers and the government would all have plenty of cash to build new infrastructure, expand businesses, build new schools, hospitals, among other things. It would be a gigantic economic stimulus package Ron Unz talked about. Unz also said it would have a ripple effect prompting other states to increase their wages. The new pending from higher wages would feed the economy, which has been starved by the 1 percent just sitting on their cash and playing the stock market. By raising the wages you can pull some of that cash out into the economy, which will benefit all wage slaves and not just the 1 percent. Remember, $10-$12 an hour sounds good, but the goal is $15-$16.