Saturday, January 25, 2014

Oligarchies Cause Dow Jones to Drop

The Dow Jones drops 318 and experiences the worst day since June. The Stock Market is down and people are asking why. It is very simple; you just have to go to the very bottom of the capitalist system, which is the wage slaves, who are the consumers in a capitalist consumer system. So the answer is obviously wage inequality. The greed of the oligarchies has caused the Stock Market to fall and it will continue to fall until the greedy loosen their pocket strings. China’s manufacturing has dropped, and as a result the country now uses less oil, iron, coal, which puts wage slaves out of jobs and creates a ripple effect upon other countries, such as those in Europe. These countries are also seeing a drop in consumerism. It all goes back to disposable income in the pockets of the “have nots,” who actually spend the money. U.S. workers should be making $15 to $16 an hour, which would be a huge money infusion into our capitalist consumer system. However, with no money to spend we end up with an oversupply of goods, which is the death toll of a capitalist consumer system. The U.S. economy can make or break the consumer system of the world. If our wage slaves are spending, the Stock Market does well here as does the rest of the world. Otherwise, we see what happens when the rich horde money, a drop in the Dow. The oligarchies must lessen the inequality gap between the 1 percent and the 99 percent if they want to keep a democracy and a capitalist system. An hourly wage of $15 to $16 would do the job.