Friday, December 11, 2015

Taxes Not Austerity

The world’s ills are driven by greed and the never ending lust for power over the proletarians by the oligarchies, who hide and hoard their cash so they don’t have to pay their fair share of taxes. When the government cannot meet their expectations of payments they then demand austerity measures thereby placing the deficit burden on the workers, who did not cause the problem. Governments provide so many loopholes and tax breaks for the wealthy, which ends up shorting all of us, but the people at the bottom pay the greatest price. Most of the wealthy people today got that way not by hard work, but by their DNA, they inherited the wealth. Their lack of a work ethic means they lack the guilt or awareness that their greed hurts most of the population when the austerity measures are implemented. The wealthy invest in banks, which the countries like Portugal and Greece have had to keep their Eurozone partners and creditors happy by taking from the poor to make the rich richer. When the money hoarders put cash into circulation by investing in the manufacture of goods, it creates jobs and the employees then spend their wages on products stimulating the economy. When corporations pay a living wage, more low-paid employees drop off the government assistance programs. So, you see the governments and corporations are doing things backward when they demand or implement austerity measures. There are two important pieces missing to make this work for employees. One is workers must have union strength to mobilize the proletarians to vote in all elections and for people who will enact legislation to collect the taxes the wealthy aren’t paying and the elected people must back unions, the people, the environment that includes climate change. If inequality, climate change and getting the cash pried out of the hands of the greedy and their hidden bank accounts and put the money into circulation, it could very well change the world and start to change the ideology of terrorist or at least slow the breeding ground recruits by giving the people susceptible to radical groups like Daesh, hope by way of a job, peace by way of an education and respect by assimilation and the demise of discrimination. In the U.S., there is hope if we can elect Senator Bernie Sanders as president. Sanders, with the help of his allegiance, can do all of the things we need to make our country functional again for all: a minimum wage of $15 to $18 an hour, free education, elimination of college debt, and single payer or universal healthcare, among other things that need to be changed and all this can be accomplished by taxing the rich, closing the loopholes and making it illegal to hide money offshore. These changed are needed now and we can pay for it, we just need the will and the right people in charge of our political system. Don’t vote for those beholden to corporations, educate yourself on the candidates and look where their campaign money is coming from. We deserve better even if we have to fight for it. There are 60 million workers in the U.S. and 42 percent of those workers are earning less than $10 an hour and trying to live with their families and the chump change of the wealthy.