Friday, December 4, 2015

The Fight Against Inequality

The fight for $15 to $18 an hour and the eradication of wage and lifestyle inequality will need education, ideology and tactics. The duty of the militant minority is to promote class-consciousness and solidarity among the wage slaves fostering in them a revolutionary spirit to fight for what is their civil rights. This can be accomplished in two ways: education in theory and education in class warfare. In this way, the wage slaves will become conscious of their power as one, and will learn the class nature of the capitalist state, which will gain them greater insight into the nature of the class struggle. The old International Workers of the World (IWW) believed such an education as essential before the class war could be won. The IWW organized propaganda leagues and industrial education clubs for the purpose of education (think mobile phones today). We could send out brief messages, such as sit down and watch your pay go up, emancipation, educating, and organization. This should be the modern day wage slaves’ motto with: an injury to one is an injury to all worldwide. The wage slaves also must realize they cannot wage the struggle for their civil rights emancipation without striving to influence the affairs of the state to influence the administrations of the state in passing good labor laws. This is why there must be labor people elected or at least people who understand why ensuring the needs of the wage slaves means we all benefit. We, here in the U.S., have the organizations, such as labor councils, but do not uses them to their full capacity and the blames lies with the proletarians. Our fight still goes on today for free speech, against vagrancy laws, against syndicalism laws, and the civil rights of workers to organize. The workers of the world must understand this. They must not let the events of violence sidetrack our fight. The events of today come and go like most bad things, but labor’s fight will always be with us, just like climate change. Just think if inequality worldwide was solved and climate change could be stopped most of the world’s woes would be over. Electing the right people for the right reasons and make them do the right thing for all of us will cure the woes.