Tuesday, December 29, 2015

To Fix U.S., We Should Stay Out of Other Countries

Could the USA’s corporate capitalist system survive without wars? Probably not and terrorism is good for business. Terrorism will most likely never be defeated because it keeps profits high for the military industrial complex. The Paris attacks occurred on a Friday, when the Stock Market opened on Monday defense industry stocks, like Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop, Grumman, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, and Booz Allen Hamilton soared in anticipation of the coming weapons sales and security contracts. There will never be an elected person who wants to stabilize the world and have no wars or unrest. They will not get corporate backing for their elections if they went against these corporate giants. Since 9/11, five countries have disintegrated as nations: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. The destruction of these countries were the result of direct American interventions. The fifth, Syria, came from a flood of U.S. arms to the so-called moderate rebels. The forth, Yemen, was destabilized by American drone war activity. Then there is the Saudi regime who have funded the enemies of the American people, but are friends to its corporate and political leaders, and thus a reliable U.S. ally and largest buyer of American weapons. The Saudi government has one of the largest and well-equipped armies, but wants the U.S. to do it’s dirty work, and so far we’ve obliged. Until we end corporate dominated foreign policy that supports and encourages wars in other parts of the world, then we, the U.S., is just throwing gas on the terror problem. So far, the only person running for president who has openly expressed his disgust at this sick relationship between profiteering warmongers and the Middle East is Senator Bernie Sanders, who has not taken a nickel from corporations and is only beholden to the people (college students, wage slaves, retirees fearing the loss of their Social Security, informed union members, and more) who can only afford to give a small amount toward his campaign, most of his donors who used to make up the middle class give between $25 to $100. Sanders knows the wealthy and corporations have to start paying their fair share and the loopholes that allows these people to hide their money in offshore accounts have to be closed and outlawed. If you live in this country, then you should have to pay for the privilege. A lot of these wealthy have made millions off the destruction of other countries knowing they can live here reasonably safe, which makes their profits blood money and more despicable. By taxing the corporations and wealthy, Sanders’ economy will be focused on good-paying jobs, rebuilding America, single-payer healthcare, free education, renewable energy, increased in the minimum wage, an end to income and lifestyle inequality, and protection of our Commons. We cannot kill our way out of terrorism. Terror will be with us for a long time to come, it is fueled by the inequality and unjust manipulation of world affairs, but we, Americans, need to quit stirring the pot, ceased with the racism and start helping to clean up the breeding grounds for terrorists’ recruitment and give those prone to become followers hope, education and tools for improving their lives, not guns, ridiculous rhetoric of 72 virgins and a one-way ticket to paradise. The U.S. capitalist system could exist without terror or wars by just focusing on making our world and country a better place to live, and we can push them toward this ideology by electing the right leaders, but that is up to us, the informed voters.