Saturday, December 31, 2016

Easiest Strike - Stay Home

People who receive Social Security, Medicare, government and union pensions and healthcare now, and the people who hope to receive these same benefits have an opportunity to show the politicians and oligarchies who want to take all of this away, this includes the minimum wage. To send a clear message on Jan. 20 to these greedy individuals, you must hit them where it hurts most—their pocket books. Call in sick from work, don’t spend any money any where, and don’t watch the Donald Trump show otherwise known as an inauguration had he been legitimately elected by the people and not the electoral college. Yo can buy whatever you need the day before and you know the media and social media will be all a buzz about the Trump show the next day so you won’t miss anything. This is a do or die situation we’re in. Trump, the Tweeter in chief, has lined his cabinet with the worst possible people he could find and they are going to rape and pillage this country for their own gain. If you thought George W. Bush and his cabinet were bad, Trump and his band of leeches will be Bush on steroids. Withholding our money, our work and snubbing the inauguration will send a powerful message that we are ready to fight. This would be the closest thing to a national strike here in the U.S. that this country has ever seen. Withholding our money, calling in sick or not watching Trump’s shit show is the easiest way to protest. As a people, we Americans, have become complacent and gullible and that’s how we ended up where we are. The people of France, South America, Ukraine, Arab countries, Portugal and countless other countries have taken their fight to the streets while we whine on Facebook. It’s time to do something. This could be the tipping point if we manage to pull this off. So far, the people who Trump has selected for his cabinet are not fans of unions, retirees or even workers. They look upon us with disdain because we weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths. Mark my words, there is a declared war upon the unions and workers with the Right to Work laws in states, and the push for voucher system to take over our educational system and make it a for profit institution just like they’ve done with the private prison system. The jobs Trump says he wants to create, such as repairing our crumbling infrastructure, are supposed to be prevailing wage and minimum wage, but with someone as unpredictable as Trump there’s no telling what or if he’ll actually do. If the infrastructure jobs materialize, like all construction jobs, these jobs will be temporary unless they are done by unions because unions find work for their members, provide training programs, apprenticeships, and take care of their members in retirement. Trump strikes me as a “kick the can down the road” type of person and we’ll have more of the same and nothing gets done. So, who is up for a national strike on Jan. 20?