Friday, December 23, 2016

Jan. 20 National Strike

A national strike is called for Jan. 20. If successful, this national strike would be the first in our country’s history. In 1908, author Jack London published a multi-layered narrative that showed a vision of the future, which is now a step away from reality with Donald Trump being given the presidency and the people he has selected for his cabinet members. We are not the only ones facing dire circumstances. It is happening all around the world where the plutocratic class is squashing the proletariats, but the proletarians have not figured out the con job that was done to them. Now, the proletarians need to show the plutocrats who has the real power by engaging in a national strike on Jan. 20, which means not working, not spending money, and not watching the inauguration on television. This will not only scare the crap out of the plutocrats, but it will show that we will not stand ideally by while they take our Social Security, Medicare, pensions, voting rights, and the right to have unions and the right to strike when we see fit. Also, when we elect someone we expect them to have the power to govern and not to have their power stripped by the plutocrats. Jan. 20 could be the tipping point for all our rights and the $15-$21 an hour minimum wage. The workers of the world are watching us, and the way we go the world will follow. Two books to read to see how we have regressed in this country. The Dream of Debs and The Iron Hell, both by London, describes conditions we are facing once again. Under Trump’s dictatorship, are we going to stand by and watch what we’ve worked for be taken away from us or will we fight back?