Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Think Tanks Paid Opinions

Why do the American people let our policies be determined by think tanks, instead of the people who we elect and pay to make our policies? Just who are the people in the think tanks and who do they represent? Most are conservative who represent the largest defense companies and are now pushing our nuclear weapons and U.S. security policies of strategy. This was being pushed by Michaela Dodge, who works for the Heritage Foundation think tank, but just who in the hell is she? Who is she to be deciding that the U.S. needs more nuclear weapons and to modernize the nukes that we have, and yet we and our elected officials look at the ideology of the think tanks as gospel. Most of the time the think tank participants are just carrying the water for the large corporations that fund the think tanks, which is in the multimillions of dollars. So, do you think we get unbiased and information in which to support or not support their findings? Think tanks should be looked at as no more than a paid lobbying companies working for themselves and the corporations paying them. We can hope that we have some smart people who can separate reality from bullpoop. We have allowed these think tanks to go unchallenged and now they have false legitimacy. We did not elect these people who sit on think tanks to make our policies. Now is the time to challenge their credibility and legitimacy to be influencing our political system.