Saturday, February 11, 2017

GOP To Pick-off Remainder of Unions

The last bastion of organize labor is now on the west and east coasts, like New York City, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Labor has mostly given up on the south and the middle of the U.S., is that because unions aren’t up to the fight? We have lost Detroit, Michigan and Wisconsin, which was the start of public unions. These GOP government control states, like govenors Synder and Pence have kicked our union butts. In California, labor has lost all of the rural counties, Orange and San Diego counties; and now San Francisco, Sacramento and Los Angeles counties are our last strong holds. It would not take a lot to lose California. California has elected GOP governors before and with our new federal government now in place and with the Koch brothers, et al, and their money it could be done again. We, union workers, could lose it all. They have started on teachers’ union and they are still trying to break the postal workers union by forcing the pension funds to be funded 75 years ahead of payment. Then they, the GOP and thier funders, will go after the building trades by repealing the Davis-Bacon Act, the prevailing wage; then they’ll go after the Long Shoremen union, and lastly the public service unions, like California Forestry and Fire Department, prison guards, California Department of Transportation, all city and county employee unions. This could very well happen within four years if we, the 99 percent, don’t go to work in the streets.