Sunday, February 12, 2017

What Do The Rich Know?

The billionaires of Silicon Valley and government people are scared and building bunkers and islands in anticipation of society’s collapse. The danger of government people and the very rich having these new 500,000 to 1.5 million bunkers is that they now think they will be safe if and when the big boom drops or the 99 percent comes after them with pitch forks. They may think nuclear war or severe climate change will not effect them and that in the event either of these should occur, they will be better off than the rest of us. These are not just a couple of fringe groups. There is real money behind this movement, hundreds of millions of dollars. These are the richest and smartest people who are probably in the “know” so what do they know that we, poor people, don’t know? Then there are all the so-called rich preppers are buying islands and land in New Zealand. If all government and the 1 percent rich are safe, then do you think they fear earth’s ruin by climate change or a nuclear war with North Korea or Russia, and would these people want to push the button first? There is, at this time, rich people refurbishing 575 munition storage bunkers in South Dakota, a 700-acres $330 million mostly subterranean developments, called Trident Lakes in Ector, Texas, equipped with DefCon 1 preparedness. It will have amenities, like a hotel, an athletic center, a golf course, and a polo fields with 600 condomeniums. People do not spend this kind of money unless there is some type of worry. The 99 percent must keep vigilant or start digging their own holes. What would start this kind of panic? Perhaps taking people’s healthcare, busting all the unions, taking away Social Security, using technology to eliminate jobs, striping pensions away from people, striping people’s voting rights, eliminating the minimum wage, forcing women back into a subservient roles, taking women’s choice away from them, and threatening a country that is in possession of a bomb. If is just the poor with pitchforks, they will have retired Navy S.E.A.L.s or Special Forces just shoot us, which, ironically, we, as taxpayers, paid for their military training. A lot of former military personnel have gone to work for the likes of BlackWater, which became Xe, which became Academi, and were established as a private military company originially founded in 1997 by former Navy S.E.A.L. officer Erik Prince. This is just one of many private military companies. If a bomb drops, these oligarches think they will just ride the consequences out in Trident Lakes and again shoot us if we try to get in. They’ve already said this by hiring their their own army. But what if their army turns against them. I wonder if these people have even thought this possibility since the hired army is already among them with evrything they need so why keep feeding and protecting the spoiled rich? History has shown the private armies work for the most advantagous for the hired hands. Should we all be preparing for the apocalypse?