Monday, February 27, 2017

Step It Up AFL-CIO

Where is the AFL-CIO on things like $15 to $24 an hour minimum wage or on the universal basic income (UBI). Also, the idea that the French has on a universal robot tax to support the UBI. A robot tax because the more technology advances, the more machines take over our jobs. Then, there is the attack on the U.S. prevailing wage, the Davis-Bacon Act, which Republicans have attack and now want to end prevailing wage protections. This is not only a union matter, but a nonunion issue for all workers who now earn a living wage when working on government jobs. It is time unions and nonunion workers get together and hit the streets, and if we don’t the workers will be working for less than minimum wage and no union healthcare or pensions. The union busting GOP are turning the working class against itself, black against white, men against women, Jews against nonJews. Using hate, division, white supremacy, misogyny, religion and racism are the choice weapons in every union busting fight in this country. What the AFL-CIO needs is a national strike to test the power of unions and to build confidence in our workers, and also to see where our strengths and weaknesses are. Use this information to begin ro rebuild our power base by engaging the rank and file, the people inside the trade union membership, and by also campaigning for the hearts and minds of the unorganized working class for they could be the reserve troops when the street battles begin. So far, our unions have been on the defense and we are losing. The best defense is a good offense, and we had better start our offense. In order to do this, we have to have a plan for what we want and need. Some defensive actions, such as strikes and boycotts, are a good start and could help build our membership or at least support on the upcoming battles. It is us against the billionaires, and don’t forget the GOP’s right to work bill that they want to get passed nationwide. If they want a national right to work bill, then we must counter with a national strike.