Friday, June 2, 2017

Fox and Hounds After Us

Joel Fox is editor of the website Fox and Hounds, and is president of the Small Business Action Committee. Fox is trying to tell workers who work for minimum wage that their hard fought win for the $15 an hour minimum wage will be hit by a 15 percent tax for single-payer healthcare if Senate Bill 562 passes in California. There will be a kind of payroll tax, like the FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) that pays for Social Security and Medicare, but there is already a payroll tax and if you take the current cost of healthcare it could be a rub. This is just a scare tactic to keep single-payer healthcare from getting passed. The Fox and Hounds’ Small Business Action Committee is also trying to beat back the free college education bill, Assembly Bill 1356, which would be paid for by raising the corporation top income tax rate 1-percentage point. This is just the start of the rich vs the poor, but the poor must wake up and understand what is happening to them. We now have a Right-to-Work bill that the anti-union people are trying to get passed here in California, which would devastate unions. This must not get passed. Watch for the new people who are running for office on a school voucher or privatizing schools platform. These are the people who would support things like the Right-to-Work bill, the no single-payer healthcare, against free college, and cap and trade, and Assembly Bill 5, the paternity and maternity time off bill, which most civilized countries have in place. Workers must see through the lies like higher minimum wage will hurt workers trying to break into the labor market. Always read between the lines and the small print. The fight goes on and will never stop and neither should we.