Thursday, June 29, 2017

What Are They Scared Of?

Why is there a 700 percent increase in high end bunkers from 2015 to 2016? It is not fear of a nuclear attack, but fear of a Russian-style revolution. Here, the American super rich are investing in subterranean residences at an unprecedented rate, spending as much as $100 million on fortified bunkers designed to withstand any kind of disaster. The survival-condo project quickly sold out—a dozen single family luxury apartments in a converted missile silo. Bill Gates has shelters below every one of his homes. Why is there an impending disaster gripping the very rich? Is it that they know that the inequality with the masses will not last long before the masses demand their rights as humans and the right to a living wage or a universal basic income (UBI) to compensate for the lack of jobs, healthcare, free education, pensions, childcare, vacation and the chance for a home. You know, like the rich take for granted. If the rich think they can just stick their heads in a hole like an ostrich, it won’t work. Sooner or later, they will have to pull their heads back out and we will still be here with the same problems, probably compounded because they weren’t dealt with in the beginning. By then the masses could be in control and then what will the rich do—live in a rabbit hole forever? You have to ask yourself, what are they afraid of--the mess their greed created? The best way to fix the inequality and problems now is to implement a living wage, UBI, allow for the formation of unions, free education, and free healthcare for all, not just those who can afford it. Then the capitalist system will expand more. With UBI for seed money and healthcare, the likelihood that more people would start their own businesses would increase or they can work for people who have new start-up businesses, and other will further their education. Just remember, it is change or the rabbit hole for the rich. They have to come out of their survival bunkers at some point, and we'll be waiting.