Monday, June 26, 2017

Time for an Offense

The Art of War says when the enemy is in disarray is the time to attack, so what are our union work force doing? Are they planning for an expansion? Are they educating their members on the history of unions? Are they training their members on how to be foot soldiers in the upcoming fight to destroy their safety net—the unions? Make no mistake about it, the anti-union GOP are coming for the unions. Unions are the last bastion of defense for the workers who still have jobs. They have “right to work” laws in most states, which devastates unions. The GOP is planning to go after the Holy Grail, which is California. If they ever pull that off, it is Doom’s Day for the unions and Have Nots. We will be in the streets begging or in the streets fighting. Either way, we will probably lose. Now is the time for us to go on the offense and stop using our defense policies. Being on the defense will always get beat in the long run because all you do is buy a little time. Now there is a window of opportunity for the masses and the only leaders are union, who have the resources to forge the change. We need to start with the people on talk shows on television and radio, and even in publications, like newspapers and magazines and websites. We need to take our stories to the people, who don’t know who fought for them to have the 8-hour-work day, overtime, pensions, job safety, child labor laws, and the right to even form a union. The GOP has their people, like the think tanks of Fox & Hounds, the Heritage Foundation, and Hoover Institution to name a few, out there talking down everything that the 99 percent needs to survive. Do we need to find our own shopping cart for that will be for a lot of us our new home. We can lose all these protections again with the way the GOP is hellbent on destroying everything that made this country great so they can give the wealthiest more wealth.