Thursday, December 29, 2011

Local Chamber of Commerce Supporting Their Opponents

Why do local small businesses support the International Chamber of Commerce when they support low wages for the 99% wage slaves? They are also one of the oldest enemies of labor unions and the 99%. This never made sense to me for the wage slaves are the ones who buy the goods from the businesses who support the Chamber, when the Chamber ultimately doesn’t not support them.

You would think the local businesses would want the slave wages to have more money to spend on the businesses goods and which would mean more jobs to make goods to sell and also pay more taxes to support local government. With this in mind, what sense does it make when businesses think they win when they can defeat a prevailing wage job, such as the Turtle Bay Sheraton Hotel in Redding, CA?

Their win took $1.1 million in wages out of the pockets of the local wage slaves and therefore the local economy. You would think that the local businesses would be up in arms. One-point-one million dollars would have been a nice shot-in-the arm for the local economy. One would have expected the local government officials would have figure out that when they invite large out-of-state businesses into the county and cities that it is just syphoning money to out-of-state corporations instead of it staying local. Money spent at Walmart is sent to Arkansas. Money spent at Target goes to Minnesota; Traders Joe’s goes to Monrovia, CA; Home Depot goes to Georgia; and the list goes on.

We, including small business owners, should support out local businesses and some of our good paying box stores and grocery stores, such as Safeway, Raley’s, and even Costco, a company that tries to pay good wages.

The idea is to pump as much money into our local economy and keep it here. Keeping money local is better which will give the local economy a better tax base and a better infrastructure for us.

Just who is the local Chamber looking out for? It is not the workers who buy the products sold locally nor is it even the small businesses who pay dues. The Chamber is a pawn for the corporations, proof is the $1.1 million they let slip out the door, or when they welcome and advocate for large box stores to that ultimately shutters smaller stores.

If the small businesses don’t like this plan of the international Chamber of Commerce, then maybe the small businesses should start their own organization, and support the buy local, support good wages for the wage slaves. Buy USA or at least assembled in the USA or how about the local Chamber and the wage slaves/99% working together.