Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oligarchies + 1% = a Plutocracy Government

There can be no doubt that we, the 99%, are in a class war and the oligarchies are draining the treasury of the 99% and the unions, which a classic way to win a war (Art of War). When we, the 99%, have to defend our labor rights, voting rights with a court system that is slanted toward the corporations - Citizens United - (which only supports the 1%) then the oligarchies can, with unlimited money, buy lawmakers, governors, judges and presidents of the United States, which creates a plutocracy-type government. We are very close to a plutocracy government and getting closer with each election. The Koch brothers and Karl Rove’s GPS Crossroads are dedicated to this end.

One of the things that can turn this around is the 99%, OWS movement, with the help from labor. Right now labor is working at a disadvantage because of some labor contracts that labor has entered into, such as no strikes, but they might just Wobble like in the old days of IWW movement or when a state or other entity votes out workers bargaining rights, like Wisconsin.

The workers and unemployed need to know their enemies, such as the GOP and corporations. When we find out who and what they are, we must stop supporting them by not voting for them and stop buying products at their stores, such as Target, Wal*Mart, and Home Depot; and not do banking at nonunion workers’ banks, such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase and the others.

The 99% are us. It is made up of every group and age. According to the occupywallst.org website, protesters are:
23.5% are younger than 25;
44.5% are 25 and 44;
32% are older than 45;

and their political interests are equally telling:
70.2% are Independents;
27.4% are Democrats;
2.4% are Republicans.

The 99ers can make a difference and change the political discussion in Washington.