Saturday, December 17, 2011

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

The 99ers have mostly got it right. They stand for about everyone, the 99%, and put anonymity to good use. On the other hand, Labor Unions have fallen into the trap of dividing themselves against each other. There is a horrible example of an army divided against itself in 1904 at the Chicago Meat Packing houses and a perfect example of Art of War’s Divide and Conquer. They split into 56 different unions and still more in 14 different national trade unions of the American Federation of Labor.

This is still going on today with state, county and city unions, instead of one union there are hundreds. This has got to change for the employer can and do pit the one little union against the other to the point if one union goes out on strike, the other union will keep working so no one but the employer wins.

This is not the way the 99% envisions winning. A change in the wage disparity between corporate CEOs and the workers, the 99%. The wages of some of the CEOs are unprecedented and to change this we all, and this includes unions, must have solidarity to win. The unions have fallen into the trap of labor contacts to not strike, but the 99% are not obliged to unions contract.

The unions can or could take advantage of the people power of the 99% to protest ports, banks, Wall Street, corporations, demand better wages, jobs, finance reform, stop foreclosures, and the unions could provide financial support and people for solidarity is the key.

Again, the best defense is a good offense. Kudos to the brothers and sisters who are drumming up support to Organize FedEx Ground.