Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winning with Nothing

Some times having nothing is an easier way to win. If a person or group have no home, no family, no job, no money or no hope, what do you have to lose? When your opposition finds this out then having nothing becomes a game changer.

This is what the IWW or Wobblies found when they were fighting for free speech in Fresno, Calif., in the year of 1911. They won when law enforcement came to understand that people who have nothing to lose really can’t lose anything except their lives; and some in those days didn’t care for life was not very good when you have no family, job, home, money or hope. So, just like the 99%ers, the Wobblies outnumbered and outlasted the establishment to bring about change -- with nothing but their bodies and uncompromising determination.

This is pointed out in the “Art of War;” when you have nothing else to give but your life, that’s when you fight the hardest. Wall Street big banks, corporation-led GOP and their Machiavellian strategy is actually playing into the 99%ers hands. So having no hope can be a winner.