Friday, May 18, 2012

The Death of Public Unions

Wisconsin was where the public unions started and this could be where public unions die. One reason is that 39% of Wisconsin union workers are registered Republican and are voting for Governor Scott Walker. I just wonder if they are stupid or nuts. How can a union person vote guns, god, and abortion, and forget about food, pension and healthcare? If union workers don’t get their heads straight they will lose all the work that the old pioneers fought, died and went to jail for trying to get union rights. Most of our present day union members have not been shot, beaten, tarred and feathered or hung for fighting for worker rights. The pioneers gave their lives and bled for our rights that some are now voting away. What the hell is wrong with these so-called union members? Is it the unions fault for not explaining how and what was given for what we have today or are they just a bunch of dumbasses? The other day a union supporter watched and listened to a mailman, who was sitting in his mail truck listening to Rush Limpballs and the mail unions are trying to figure out why they are being attacked by the GOP. All this mail worker had to do was really listen to what Limbo says and stands for to know it isn’t with him. If we, union people, lose the governorship of Wisconsin, it will result in a union busting tsunami engulfing the entire U.S. There will be no place to stop it. It will be the same as what happened after the air traffic controllers union that was busted after supporting Ronald Reagan. That gave confidence to the anti-union busters and they have never given up on ridding all unions in the public and private work place. So that 39% of our union members must wake the hell up or, as Bush said, You are either with us or against us. If the 39% of our members are against their own unions then we workers will be back where we were 100 years ago. You might want to check out what it was like as a wage slave 100 years ago before you pull the voting handle, or, better yet check out what it’s like to be work at Walmart because that is the working conditions you’ll be voting for.